Spotlight on Medical Power Suppplies

April 1, 2007
Energy Star-Compliant Supply SL Power Electronics' single-output 50-W external power supplies for medical applications, the Ault MW152 family, meet the

Energy Star-Compliant Supply

SL Power Electronics' single-output 50-W external power supplies for medical applications, the Ault MW152 family, meet the requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program, as well as European and Asian global energy-efficiency requirements. All the MW152 models have regulated output with low ripple and a three-year warranty.

The MW152 family features a universal input range. All models are available in desktop style with output voltages of 12 V, 15 V, 18 V or 24 V. The units are priced at $19.96 each in 1000-piece quantities.

SL Power Electronics
Ventura, Calif.

Compact Supply

The PAM250/PAS250 series of compact power supplies from Tamura delivers 250 W of continuous output power with single outputs ranging from 12 Vdc to 48 Vdc. All models feature an auto-ranging ac input range (either 85 Vac to 132 Vac, or 180 Vac to 264 Vac) with passive power factor correction for EN 61000-3-2 Class A compliance. Built-in overcurrent, overtemperature and overvoltage protection circuits are standard. Standard status and control functions include remote sense, dc OK and power fail. Optional control functions include remote on/off, current sharing and an auxiliary 12-V fan output.

Options of the PAM250/PAS250 series include end-mount fan assembly, internal ORing diodes, inverted status and control signals, square current limit and Molex connections in place of output studs. Standard pricing is $95 each in 1000-piece quantities.

Temecula, Calif.

Custom Supply for Ultrasound

The SP578 is a custom power supply developed by Cherokee International for use in ultrasound equipment. Operating from a universal ac input with power factor correction, the 1200-W supply generates 11 output voltages with low noise/output ripple below 26 µV. The SP578 also features a quick-replacement portable enclosure.

Cherokee International
Tustin, Calif.

Desktop Switchers

The APS100ESM Series of 100-W medical-approved desktop switchers from APS draw minimal input power under no-load conditions. This is in compliance with appliance energy-efficiency standards. The series features universal ac input with harmonic correction to comply with EN 61000-3-2 limits. The products deliver output power of up to 100 W with single-output voltages of 12 Vdc, 15 Vdc, 19 Vdc and 24 Vdc. Operational efficiency is 88% to 90%.

The series of supplies is available with two- or three-prong IEC-320 inlets and offer a broad range of standard output cable lengths and output connectors to support customer-specific requirements. Package dimensions are 5.91 in. × 2.36 in. × 1.32 in. UL/EN 60601-1 (Class I or II) medical safety approvals make these power products ideal for laboratory and medical applications requiring external power in a small package. Volume pricing for the units is $32 each.

Pleasanton, Calif.

Configurable AC-DC Converters

Lambda has expanded its NV family of configurable ac-dc power supplies to include a series that can supply 300 W. The NV-300 series of models provide up to four regulated outputs with an optional 5-V or 12-V standby output. Output voltages range from 1.8 V to 24 V with currents up to 40 A. No minimum load current is required on any output. Input voltage ranges from 90 Vac to 265 Vac, and 45 Hz to 63 Hz with active power factor correction.

The NV-300 units measure 3.75 in. × 7.25 in. × 1.34 in., making them compatible with 1U enclosures. Pricing is $239 each in 100-unit quantities for a four-output configuration.

San Diego

PC-Board Switchers

Mean Well's RPS/D/T-75 series of pc-board-type switching power supply offers power ratings of 45 W, 65 W, 125 W and 200 W. These units deliver their full-rated output of 75 W with free-air convection and up to 100 W with 23.5-CFM forced air.

Featuring only 200 A of leakage current at 264 Vac, the RPS/D/T-75 series can be equipped into nonpatient contact medical equipment and still comply with Class B per EMI regulations. Standard functions include short-circuit, overload and overvoltage protections, and the operating temperature can be as high as 70°C under forced-air convection. No-load power consumption for single-output models is as low as 0.75 W. The power supply is 5 in. × 3 in. with a low profile.

Mean Well Enterprises
Taipei Hsien, Taiwan

Open-Frame Switchers

Astrodyne's ASM Series of ultraminiature open-frame switching power supplies are approved for medical applications. This family of models provides output power from 10 W to 15 W. All 10 models accept universal input voltages and provide single outputs of 3.3 Vdc to 24 Vdc.

The ASM Global Performance Series provides corner-mounting holes and is connector-pinout and mounting-size compatible to other industry-standard products. Dimensions for the ASM Series' 10-W version are 2.28 in. × 2 in. × 0.56 in., and all models feature Molex-style I/O connections. Prices start at $29 each in OEM quantities.

Mansfield, Mass.

Low-Profile Switchers

V-Infinity's low-profile 400-W switching power supplies carry full medical-agency safety approvals and are available in u-frame or fan-cooled metal-enclosed packaging. Dimensions of the VUFM-S400-XXR u-frame series measure 8 in. × 5 in. × 1.6 in., while the VUMM-S400-XXR metal-enclosed series measures 9 in. × 5 in. × 1.6 in.

Voltage outputs range from 3.3 Vdc to 58 Vdc, adjustable by ±5%. Features include on/off control, remote sense, current monitoring, power-fail detection, and overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature and short-circuit protections. Pricing for the VUFM-S400-XXR and VUMM-S400-XXR starts at $150 each in OEM quantities.

Beaverton, Ore.

Ultracapacitor-Based UPS

The RAM Ultra UPS 8000 from RAM Technologies uses ultracapacitor technology. Designed to interface directly with RAM Technologies' line of ATX/SFX medical-grade PC power supplies, the RAM Ultra UPS module contains the charge and discharge circuitry to ensure high-efficiency energy transfer. The base module contains 8000 J of energy. Optional expansion modules also contain 8000 J of energy each and can be added with no limitation other than the physical space.

The input-voltage range of the RAM Ultra UPS 8000 is 12 Vdc. Efficiency is greater than 90%, and a 4-kJ module charges in 2 min. The device can supply up to 30 A at 12 Vdc. The mean time between failure is 1 million hr.

Ram Technologies
Guilford, Conn.

External Power Supply

XP Power's AMM120 is a compact 120-W power supply for medical and other portable applications. The AMM120 is offered with both Class I (with ground) and Class II (without ground) ac inputs. Power density is 3.69 W/cu in. It has a universal ac input and delivers a single output of 12 Vdc, 15 Vdc, 18 Vdc, 19 Vdc, 20 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 30 Vdc, 36 Vdc or 48 Vdc at 85% typical efficiency under full load.

The AMM120 operates at full power at up to 40°C and at least 50% of full power at 60°C. The power supply needs no minimum load and has better than ±5% total regulation. The AMM120 measures 6.3 in. × 3 in. × 1.72 in. For the 24-V version, pricing starts at $91 each in 1000-unit quantities.

XP Power
Littleton, Mass.

Medical Desktop Supply

GlobTek's series of 100-W to 120-W desktop power supplies features output voltages from 3.3 V to 48 V in 0.1-V increments, as well as a regulated output with low output-voltage ripple up to 120 W. Built-in protection features include overcurrent, short-circuit, overvoltage and thermal protection.

The series accepts universal input voltage. The 100-W to 120-W desktop power supplies are housed in impact-resistant polycarbonate enclosure and feature thermal conduction cooling. Case dimensions for all models are 5.6 in. × 3 in. × 1.7 in. PC-board and open-frame mounting options are available.

Northvale, N.J.

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