Spotlight on Interconnects

July 1, 2008
The MarKK crimp terminal from Molex features a high-conductivity alloy to offer up to 13.5 A per line based on a two-circuit system

Crimp Terminal

The MarKK crimp terminal from Molex features a high-conductivity alloy to offer up to 13.5 A per line based on a two-circuit system. The crimp terminal's spring-box design enhances reliability across an extended temperature range. The head- and tail-carried design eliminates the need for customers to monitor cutoff dimensions in application tooling, while four independent points of contact ensure a highly reliable interface. Pricing is $18 for 1000 pieces in quantities of 1 million.
Lisle, Ill.

Reverse-Bayonet Coupling

Amphenol Industrial's Amphe-Power GT connector series is a 5015-style reverse-bayonet coupling connector with audible, tactile and visual indication of a full attachment. The GT connectors offer a resilient coupling cover for added damage protection and increased gripping surface to enhance product security in harsh environments. The series features more than 12 different shell styles, high shock and vibration resistance, and a rugged, waterproof construction. The reverse-bayonet coupling allows for at least 2000 quick and easy matings in the field without extra tools via a quarter-turn mechanism. Pricing starts at $30 per unit.
Amphenol Industrial
Sidney, N.Y.

Silicone Connector

Fujipoly America's Zebra FG-S silicone connector provides a current-carrying capacity of 30 mA per wire and exhibits an average contact resistance of only 0.35 V at 15% compression. The Zebra connector is manufactured with a silicone rubber core that is embedded with a single row of thin, gold-plated phosphor bronze wires. The wires are spaced on 0.10-mm centers and offer anisotropic conduction in the vertical orientation. The conductive core is sandwiched between two parallel insulator rows of silicon sponge for easy installation.
Fujipoly America
Carteret, N.J.

Jumper Bars

WAGO has extended the pole configurations for the insulated comb-style jumper bars used with the 231 Series Multi Connection System (MCS) MIDI. In addition to a two-pole configuration, three-, five-, seven- and 10-pole versions have joined the MCS MIDI lineup to provide additional flexibility. MCS MIDI Jumpers are specifically designed for CAGE CLAMP compatibility. The RoHS-compliant jumpers also feature an insulated touch-safe design for safety and suitability for both a 5-mm and 5.08-mm pitch. The 231 Series MCS MIDI terminates solid and stranded conductors up to 16 AWG with ratings of 15 A/300 V.
Germantown, Wis.

High-Temperature Connectors

Designated the CIR Series, ITT VEAM's circular connectors meet European CEN/TS 45545 standards governing railway fire safety. The connectors are capable of withstanding a high-temperature exposure period of at least 15 minutes at the ISO 834-1 heating curve, where maximum temperature is 800°C. Typical applications for the connectors include railway systems and transportation interconnects. Featuring a stainless-steel shell and ceramic insulation, the connectors are available with 35 size 12 poles at 40 A.
ITT Interconnect Solutions
Santa Ana, Calif.

Terminal Block

Phoenix Contact's SPTA is a compact, low-profile, angled terminal block that provides space-saving connections for up to 10 A. The push-in spring technology allows solid and flexible wires with ferrules to be connected quickly without the use of tools. SPTA pc-board terminal blocks provide maximum connection space with minimum outer dimensions. Available in two through 12 positions, the SPTA's integrated test point allows quick verification of signals.
Phoenix Contact
Middletown, Pa.

Modular Power Connector

Positronic's GG series power connectors provide 256 possible contact variations, current ratings up to 200 A and voltage ratings up to 500 V rms. GG Series tooling is modular and molding inserts are available for size 20, 16, 12 and 0 contacts. Up to four inserts can be placed in to the tool to produce a one-piece finished connector.

The series also offers blind-mate features, as well as float bushing and jackscrew options. Cost is $23 per mated pair with four size 0 crimp contacts.
Positronic Industries
Springfield, Mo.

Terminal Block

From BlockMaster Electronics, the Panel Power Distribution Terminal Block OTP-80-03P enables the user to split a large-gauge, high-power input into lower-power, smaller-gauge wire circuits. The unit is particularly applicable for usage in HVAC equipment, switch gear, lighting panels and pump controls. Rated at 80 A at 600 V on the input line side, the OTP-80-03P can load and split all attached branch circuits up to the same current level. Unit pricing is $50 each.
BlockMaster Electronics
Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Target Connectors

Mill-Max's Target Connectors provide a convenient mating surface to connect with Mill-Max spring pins. They can be used in any spring pin application requiring conductive lands. Mill-Max precision-machined pins are plated with 10 micro inches of hard gold and assembled in high-temperature PCT thermoplastic. The “A” large 0.070-in.-diameter target pin face is an easy-to-hit target for 0.042-in.-diameter plungers, common to Mill-Max spring pins.
Oyster Bay, N.Y.

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