Power Electronics CEO's: Central Semiconductor Corp's Jack Radgowski

Dec. 1, 2008
Up to and including the 1970s, diodes and transistors were the mainstay of all active electronic components and were not referred to as "discretes"

Up to and including the 1970s, diodes and transistors were the mainstay of all active electronic components and were not referred to as “discretes,” simply because integrated circuits were mainly experimental and the term “IC” had not yet been coined. Although germanium diodes and transistors were in the process of being replaced by the more temperature-tolerant silicon diodes and transistors, many germanium devices had been designed in and approved for many applications; substitutions were not quick and easy to accomplish. The void thus created brought about an opportunity for a continuing manufacturing source of supply for germanium products, particularly power devices.

Armed with a BSEE degree and quality and reliability management experience at electronics manufacturing facilities — from microwave waveguide components at Litton Industries to discrete semiconductor components at Bendix Semiconductor and General Instrument — Jack Radgowski founded Central Semiconductor Corp. in 1974.

As ICs began to catch on and become popular, most major semiconductor manufacturers ceased appropriating capital for discretes of all kinds in favor of IC technology, thus creating another void and opportunity for a continuous manufacturing source for all discretes.

In addition to continuing to manufacture older technology products, Central also has been at the forefront of new and innovative discrete devices. The company is technology-driven, with customers' requirements in mind, by developing state-of-the-art devices that continue to be smaller, lighter, faster, and more energy efficient and cost effective.

Radgowski's passion for exceeding customers' expectations has evolved into a corporate culture devoted to this goal. This continued commitment is a strong indication of a company deep rooted with dedication to servicing its customers. This company is truly led by example, by a steadfast leader who instituted complete customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of Central's philosophy. Radgowski is not willing to compromise on anything less than perfection, and he drives the concepts of perfect quality, continuous improvement and innovation throughout the organization.

To exist in a largely commodity-based industry, an innovative and efficient new product development team is essential. Central's New Technology Roadmap outlines a path for the development of smaller, more energy-efficient devices. Central's team constantly explores the development of niche devices often overlooked by other manufacturers. Success of this development process is evident in the multitude of industry firsts Central has received and how designers recognize Central as a manufacturer of innovative solutions.

In an industry where change is a constant, discrete semiconductor manufacturers need strong leaders to provide guidance and vision to ensure a successful and profitable future. Central Semiconductor Corp. of Hauppauge, N.Y., has such an individual in its founder and CEO Jack Radgowski.

Central's employees are all “members” of the Central team, dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Perfect quality, exceptional service and on-time delivery stand as Central's commitment to its customers. This is clearly evident in the company's outstanding achievement awards, including Discrete Semiconductor Supplier of the Year, which Central received for the third-straight year from a leading avionics instrumentation company. Accolades such as these are a true testament to a company's success.

“Our perpetual challenge is the pursuit of achieving excellence in everything we do, and we strive to accomplish this by utilizing ongoing training for continuous improvement in all areas,” Radgowski explains. “We recognize that customer satisfaction results in repeat business.”

Clearly, Radgowski's philosophy and presence has been the driving force that has guided the long-term success of Central Semiconductor Corp.

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