Episode 18: QorIQ Update; G.hn Interview

June 27, 2011
This week, embedded technology editor Bill Wong, gives you his first impression of the new AMP Series QorIQ processor. Then communications editor Lou Frenzel interviews Chano Gomez, co-chair of the Home Grid working group, about the current status of the G.hn home networking standard. Next up, components editor, Mat Dirjish reviews ST’s new touch chip, and more.LISTEN NOW                    DOWNLOAD

TIME: 0:10
Bob Pease Tributes and Final Interviews
Editor-in-Chief Joe Desposito points out to listeners where they can find tribute pieces to Bob Pease, as well as the last two interviews he did.

TIME: 2:40
Overview of Today’s Show
Joe Desposito gives an overview of today’s Engineering Radio show.

TIME: 4:01
Report on Freescale’s QorIQ AMP Series Processor
Embedded technology editor Bill Wong reports on the QorIQ AMP Series processor, which was the big news at the last week’s Freescale Technology Conference.

TIME: 7:23
Lou Frenzel Interviews Chano Gomez of the G.hn Working Group
Joe Desposito reports on a variety of memory and storage technologies from Samsung that he was introduced to at the Samsung Experience.

TIME: 23:41
Mat Dirjish Reports on ST’s New Fingertip Touchscreen Technology Chip
Components editor Mat Dirjish reports on the new Fingertip Touchscreen technology chip from ST Microelectronics. Among other things, the chip is expected to silence the electrical noise that typically threatens touch screen performance.

TIME: 26:27
Mat Dirjish Reports on Hybrid Connectors from Colder Products
Mat Dirjish reports on new hybrid connector technology for medical applications from Colder Products based on a visit with the company at the recent MD&M show in NYC.

TIME: 30:46
Joe Desposito Reports on an e-Nose Technology Development from IMEC
Joe Desposito sniffs out a story about e-Nose technology in development at IMEC and Holst Centre in Europe.

TIME: 33:09
Joe Desposito Reports on an Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit for Wireless Sensors
Joe Desposito reports an energy harvesting evaluation kit from Infinite Power Solutions and Maxim Integrated Products. The kit employs IPS’s Thinergy micro energy cell and Maxim’s power management chip for energy harvesting.

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