Welcome Two Contributing Technical Experts!

March 16, 2011
Join me in welcoming two new Contributing Technical Experts to Electronic Design: Bob Zollo of Agilent Technologies and Michael White of Mentor Graphics.

At Electronic Design we’ve been steadily building our roster of Contributing Technical Columnists (CTEs) over the past couple of years. Our CTEs are industry experts who contribute excellent columns that touch on every aspect of the electronics industry. I suppose we could say that Bob Pease was our first CTE, and if we did, we’d also have to admit that he’s long been our most popular columnist. Bob continues to do his Pease Porridge thing, only now he’s been joined by a raft of columnists on everything from analog/mixed-signal technologies to embedded issues to communications, and everything in-between. You can find loads of them here, including Pease Porridge.

I’d like to welcome, and introduce to you, two new CTEs whose contributions have already graced our site and we look forward to more from them in the future. First, Bob Zollo of Agilent Technologies has begun a column we’re calling “Power On,” and for good reason. Bob is the guy at Agilent who figures out just what the market needs in terms of benchtop power supplies. If you’ve got an Agilent supply on your bench, Bob probably had a lot to do with deciding what went into it and what didn’t and why. His columns will explore various facets of bench supplies; his first installment digs into remote-sensing technology. Take a look and see how you can keep a current-hungry DUT from starving itself voltage-wise.

On the EDA side, we welcome Michael White of Mentor Graphics, author of a column called “The Silicon Edge.” Michael is the senior product marketing manager for Mentor’s Calibre physical verification tools. Don’t let his marketing title fool you, though. Michael’s a savvy EDA guy who knows physical implementation inside and out. His column will provide a wealth of information about getting your IC designs in shape for tapeout. One potential pitfall in verification happens when your rule deck doesn’t quite line up with the foundry’s rules. Michael’s first column explores that unhappy circumstance.

Please join me in welcoming Bob and Michael to our team!

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