Contribute Content to Electronic Design

What We Are Looking For

Electronic Design accepts contributed content that is technically oriented and of interest to our audience that includes engineers, programmers, developers and managers. Our readers are looking for articles that will inform and educate so delving deep into technical topics is just fine with us.

Our readers are looking for information on how to solve problems, how to improve their skills and to learn about the latest or even older technology.

Contributed content should be about the what, how and why rather than a product pitch. You can send us press releases for that which we handle in a different fashion. Contributed articles should be as generic as possible although products can be mentioned as examples when describing a technology or solution.

There is no charge for having an article posted but we only post those articles we accept for publication.

Getting Started

We have put together a contributed article packet to make it easier to get a contributed article posted on our site. The README file contains all the details you need to know about and there is a template we use for all contributed content. We also have a document describing what type of images we need since there are so many formats and details. We want to get your content up as quickly as possible and these details help make that happen.

Endeavor Contributor Packet

Contributed Article Packet

We are also looking for video content that complements contributed technical articles. This can be content that you have posted on YouTube or other video hosting sites. 

Editorial Calendar and Series

There is no editorial schedule for content that is online or in print so we can use it at any time. Likewise, you don’t have to do just one article. We look forward to posting your articles as they become available. We do ask for exclusivity so please send us content that has not been offered or published on other sites.

For our print/digital editions, we normally choose the best and most popular articles that are on the website.

We also have ways to collect related content together to make it easier for readers to read more than one article on a subject. Our Series Library has many examples of multiple articles designed to fit into a series. A series can grow over time so you don't have to write the whole thing at once and they can encompass multiple authors.

TechXchanges are a way we collect together all sorts of content, not just articles. This can include webinars, videos, whitepapers, galleries and more. There is a separate TechXchange editorial calendar as well although we are not limited to that schedule and content can be added to one at any time.

Articles are posted as soon as possible but we try to include them in our newsletters. Some articles need more editing than others and we may also need to edit the art that is part of an article. This means an article will not be online immediately after it is received. Typically it is at least a couple weeks or more before an article is posted. We send you the URL of the article once it has been posted.

Engineering Academy

  • Engineering Academy is a groupwide website for technical training presentations that are also contributed. These are video presentations on various topics ranging from robots to electric cars. The site lists the latest available and upcoming events. Here is the 2023 schedule of events:
  • 3/23/23: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (Contact: Bob Vavra)
  • 6/22/23: The Value of Sensors & Software in Motion Control (Contact: Sara Jensen)
  • 9/21/23:  Cool Designs: Handling Power Dissipation in Electronics  (Contact: Bill Wong)
  • 11/16/23: The Connected Vehicle in 2023 and Beyond (Contact: David Maliniak)

Additional Endeavor Media Sites

Electronic Design is one of many B2B technology sites from Endeavor Media. Below is a list of sites that cover areas related to Electronic Design. All of these use the same guidelines and contributed article templates. We occasionally crosspost articles to relevant sites so an article may appear on more than one site.

Design & Engineering and Group

Our other sites can also use contributed content as well. Direct queries to the appropriate group. Make sure to send a one paragraph abstract or an outline first if you have an idea for an article but have not written it yet.