DC-DC Converter Boosts Light Load Efficiency

DC-DC Converter Boosts Light Load Efficiency

Designed to help meet energy efficiency standards under light load and standby conditions, the AP65200 synchronous dc-dc buck converter from Diodes Inc. achieves efficiency as high as 96% for a light load of 200 mA and maintains efficiency above 70% down to 20 mA. Offering an input voltage range from 4.75 V to 18 V, the AP65200 provides a single-device solution for both 5-V and 12-V bus systems and delivers up to 2-A continuous output current with a 3-A peak.  Using a simple external resistor divider, the converter output voltage can be set from as low as 0.925 V up to a maximum of 16 V. With its integrated low on-resistance high-side and low-side MOSFETs, the SO-8 packaged AP65200 helps reduce board space and optimises trace layouts. In addition, externally programmable soft-start and on-chip over-current and thermal shutdown protection features ensure system stability and long-term reliability. The converter’s high level of integration and minimal external component count suits distributed power architectures in consumer electronics products, including TVs, monitors, and set-top boxes.

Diodes, Inc.


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