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2/4-Channel 250 MSPS 16-bit A/D Board Fit For Demanding Uses

2/4-Channel 250 MSPS 16-bit A/D Board Fit For Demanding Uses

UltraviewNew_1112-AThe new ULTRADYNE16-250Mx2(4)AVE-8GB-50T/155T are 16-bit 2- and 4-channel 250 MSPS A/D boards designed by Ultraview Corporation for demanding uses where repetitive signals on multiple time-aligned channels need to be observed with high SNR, such as NMR, RADAR, ultrasound, time-of-flight imaging, spectroscopy, communications systems and antenna testing. Averaging repetitive signal strings up to 1 million times with record lengths to 16,384 samples (-50T model) and 262,144-samples (-155T model) onto a running 32-bit average can be triggered by either a TTL input, a software slider-adjustable level or a heterodyning trigger input. This is useful in time-of-flight imaging systems, RADAR and pulsed spectroscopy systems. Each Ultradyne16-250 model features 8 GB of memory with continuous transfers to the host system at up to 1.4 GB/sec. The Ultradyne16-250x2AVE-8GB-50T 2-chan model is $9,995 (4-chan model is $11,995) and the Ultradyne16-250x2AVE-8GB-155T 2-chan model is $12,995 (4-chan model is $13,995). Lead times for all models is stock to 1 week ARO.

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