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Combined Isolated/TTL PCI Express DAQ Card Speeds Data Transfer

Combined Isolated/TTL PCI Express DAQ Card Speeds Data Transfer

Advantech_1026-AAdvantech is addressing the need for speed in data transfer with the PCIE-1730, a new low density isolated DAQ card that uses the PCI Express interface. The card has a significantly faster data transfer rate than standard PCI cards, offers up to 32 isolated channels, and does not require additional development software. The DAQ card has 32 low density isolated digital I/O channels and 32 TTL channels making it suitable for use in a range of applications. The digital output can be as high as 500 mA per channel to allow transmission of large amounts of data. Since the PCI Express bus is similar to the standard PCI bus, the PCIE-1730 can be configured using DAQNavi software. Aiding with the development of configurations and applications, the company provides a range of options such as an SDK which works with: Visual C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Delphi, BCB, LabVIEW, QT and Java. Also included is the integrated utility, which provides configuration, function testing, documentation and many practical coded examples.

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