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Revolution Moves Forward With Double Memory 512 MB Board

Revolution Moves Forward With Double Memory 512 MB Board

RaspberryPi-1018-AA new version of the Raspberry Pi, a 512 MB board from element14, doubles the RAM and demonstrates a higher performance than the previously released Raspberry Pi computer suited to multimedia, high-memory and mobile applications. The new Model B Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized board with a Broadcom BCM2835 SoC running Linux. With 512 MB of RAM, faster, more rapidly accessible memory can be used to create a more effective multimedia performance, opening up a new world for its use in recreational, educational and commercial applications. The added memory also means that both CPU and GPU both now have sufficient RAM to function optimally, and are equipped for running a future version of an Android 4.0 operating system. Costing $35, the Raspberry Pi 512 MB board will initially be sold in one uncased configuration, which has two USB ports, 512 MB of RAM, HDMI port, SD memory card slot and an Ethernet port.

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