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1-Tbyte SSDs Boast Highest Available Density

With a capacity of 1 Tbyte in a 2.5-in. form factor, the 1T Nitro Series demonstrated at CES 2009 by pureSilicon Inc., delivers the highest density of any solid-state drive (SSD) available, according to the company. Four of the drives provide 4-Tbytes of storage in the same space as a standard 3.5-in HDD, so server footprints and energy consumption in data-intensive applications can be considerably reduced.

The Nitro line is designed for applications where data throughput and power consumption are paramount: server, networking, data center, supercomputing, and professional media. The drives have been benchmarked at speeds approaching the maximum bus speed of SATA II (300 Mbytes/s). The sustained read rate is 240 Mbytes/s, and the sustained write rate is 215 Mbytes/s. The device’s active power consumption is 4 W typical and is 0.1 W typical at idle.

The Nitro line’s operating temperature range is 0°C to 70°C and its non-operating range is –45°C to 85°C. It will handle shocks while operating of 1500G for 0.5 ms (half sine wave) and vibrations of 20G peak at 10 to 2000 Hz on three axes. The devices measure 100.2 by 69.85 by 9.5 mm.

Besides the 1 Tbyte version, the series is available in 32-, 64-, 128-, 256-, and 512-Gbyte sizes, with densities of up to 15.40 Gbytes/cm3. The high density in a small form factor was achieved through innovative engineering techniques coupled with advanced industrial design that yielded an exceptionally thin enclosure.

pureSilicon Inc

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