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3-W Shunt Resistor Hits 100 microohms

3-W Shunt Resistor Hits 100 microohms

Thanks to a combination of 3-W power capability and low resistance values that drop to 100 µ?, the WSMS3124 Power Metal Strip shunt resistor allows for the placement of an electron-beam welded shunt in electrical wattmeters. The physical shape of Vishay Intertechnology’s device, housed in a 3124-sized package, also results in low TC characteristics (down to 75 ppm/°C). Resistance values range from 100 µ? to 750 µ?, thus boosting accuracy in shunt applications for industrial and consumer single-phase and multiphase energy meters. When factoring in its 5.0% tolerance, the resistor ultimately delivers more accurate data to determine customer usage and to adjust billing terms. Inductance values are less than 0.5 nH, and thermal EMF is less than 3 µV/°C. VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY INC.

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