650V MOSFET Sets New Resistance Benchmark

650V MOSFET Sets New Resistance Benchmark

Geneva, Switzerland: According to STMicroelectronics, its new 650V power MOSFET features 0.029Ω on-state resistance—the lowest on-state resistance for these devices in the standard TO-247 package. The STW88N65M5, the latest member of the company’s MDmesh V family, surpasses the previous industry benchmark of 0.038Ω, also set by an MDmesh V device.

ST says the STW88N65M5 can directly replace MOSFETs of higher resistance to increase energy efficiency in an application. In addition, fewer devices in parallel could be used to reduce assembly sizes and bill-of-materials costs.

The 650V voltage rating of the STW88N65M5 and other MDmesh V devices offers a greater safety margin versus similar components. Thus, the MOSFET can better withstand voltage surges commonly present on ac power lines.

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