Electronic Design

Analog/Power: Power MOSFET/PWM Controller Addresses Global Energy Standards

Designers can meet and even exceed standby-power specifications of the U.S. Energy Star standard and the German Blue Angel Eco Norm thanks to a power MOSFET/pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller combo. (In a typical 30-W DVD recorder, the standby power consumption of a CoolSET F3 device is under 100 mW. The maximum allowed for 15- to 50-W supplies under the U.S. and European target specifications is 500 mW.) The power MOSFET has a 650-mΩ on-state resistance (RDS(on)) at a 10-V gate voltage. The fixed-frequency PWM control IC comes in a single eight-pin dual-inline package. Built-in functions include an active burst mode, peak-power limitation, and integrated startup cells that eliminate the need for an external dropping resistor.

Infineon Technologies AG

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