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Batteries Pack The Punch Of Cells Twice Their Size

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Said to be a safer high-energy lithium battery, the new Pulses Plus is capable of packing the equivalent energy of lithium batteries twice its size and weight. The new batteries are designed for use in electronic products requiring batteries that can deliver higher energy densities, that have the capacity to handle high current pulses, and that are robust enough to provide long life in applications such as GPS tracking devices.
Pulses Plus batteries utilize lithium thionyl chloride chemistry, with its safer bobbin-type construction, plus a unique hybrid layer capacitor to deliver high pulses in a much smaller and lightweight package. Other features of the batteries include 3.6V operation, 19 Ah capacity for D-size cells, and a self-discharge of <2% per year.
The batteries come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including cylindrical cells and battery packs, with the capacity to meet virtually any requirement.

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