Electronic Design

Battery Endows Meter Readers With 20% Longer Life

With a high 3300-mAh capacity rating, the ER17/50H lithium-thionyl-chloride battery is intended as an improved power source for automatic meter readers. Fitting the type A form factor, it's constructed from inorganic materials and is hermetically sealed. The 3.6-V cell has a flat discharge voltage through the end of its life. Additionally, the ER17/50H provides high energy density and operates from -55°C to 85°C. It has a nominal discharge current of 120 µA. The package measures 2.047 by 0.669 in. and weighs only 20 g. Available in the first quarter of 2003, sample pricing starts at $9.50 each.

Maxell Corp.
www.maxell.com; (201) 794-5900

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