Electronic Design

Bluetooth Controller Optimized For Ultra-Low Power

EM9301-240x160EM Microelectronic has developed a Bluetooth smart-qualified controller, the EM9301. Optimized for ultra-low power wireless sensing, remote control and monitoring applications, the controller operates as low as 0.8 V. In receive mode, the device requires just 16.5 mA, nearly 30% less than competing products. It can be powered by a range of common single-cell batteries or energy harvesters such as solar cells, piezo-electric and electro-magnetic elements. Fully Bluetooth smart qualified for single-mode master and slave applications, the device combines the Physical layer, Link layer and Host Controller Interface layer in one flexible chip. An integrated dc/dc converter powers the RF circuitry while concurrently delivering up to 100 mA to an external device. RF output power is programmable from +4 to -20 dBm in 6 steps. When paired with a low-power host controller, the EM9301 is suited for most Bluetooth smart applications such as wireless health and fitness monitoring, electronic leashes, and smartphone-based sensing and controls. The EM9301 controller is sampling now and is available in both die format and in a ROHS-compliant MLF-24 package.


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