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California Approves TV Efficiency Regulations

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) responded harshly to new regulations issued by the California Energy Commission (CEC) that would regulate energy efficiency standards on televisions sold in California.

“CEA is extremely disappointed in the CEC’s decision to regulate TV energy use. Simply put, this is bad policy—dangerous for the California economy, dangerous for technology innovation, and dangerous for consumer freedom,” said Jason Oxman, CEA’s senior vice president of industry affairs.

The standards require new televisions 58 inches and smaller to use 33% less electricity by 2011 and 49% less electricity by 2013, according to the CEC. Existing televisions purchased before 2011 will not be subject to the new regulations.

The CEC says the standards are designed to reduce electric bills, protect the environment, and limit electricity consumption. The commission predicts the new measures will save $8.1 billion in electric costs over 10 years.

“The real winners of these new TV energy efficiencies are California consumers who will be saving billions of dollars and conserving energy while preserving their choice to buy any size or type of TV,” said Karen Douglas, chairman of the CEC. “Californians buy 4 million televisions each year and they deserve the most energy efficient models available.”

Consumer Electronics Association


California Energy Commission


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