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Cap Packs More Energy In Less Space

Taking aim at aerospace applications, the tantalum hybrid capacitor is packaged such that it minimizes both non-active components and electrical resistance. Measuring just 1.4 mm thick, this miniature capacitor weighs only a few grams and is capable of handling high current levels. It is said to contain ten times the energy density of a tantalum electrolytic capacitor with similar electrical performance.
A typical device offers a capacitance of 8 mF at a rating of 5.5V. The component's electrode is a pressed, centered pellet made from high-capacitance, high-density tantalum powder. The negative electrode is constructed from a similar density and capacitance film of RuO2 bonded to a thin tantalum foil. This combination claims to make the capacitor capable of high working voltages without resorting to series connected cells, avoiding the lowered capacitance and increased ESR of stacked units.


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