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Capacitor Flaunts Low-Inductance Leads

Touted as an industry first, a new high-voltage capacitor can be ordered with wide, low-inductance, strap-style leads. The CH series capacitor is rated at voltages up to 60 kV and capacitance up to 500 pF. It is suited for high-energy pulse applications such as multiplier circuits and Compact Marx generators, where fast-discharge requirements demand low inductance and small IR drops in the leads. Dielectric constants are generally greater than 4,000. Temperature characteristic codes for this series are Z5P X5P, X5R and X7R with others available. Key features include small size, a variety of lead configurations, good non-linear temperature characteristics, reliable voltage and frequency performance and predictable change of capacitance with time. The CH capacitor is coated with flame-retardant, dry fluid-bed epoxy for high reliability and has temperature ratings consistent with EIOA RS-198-C. Standard leads are 22 AWG wire but low- inductance strap leads and axial egress wire leads can be requested. Pricing is as low as $8 each/5,000. For further information and availability, contact CKE, Lucernemines, PA. (724) 479-3533.

Company: CKE

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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