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Carbon Resistors Ogle Snubber And Energy Dumping Apps

Carbon Resistors Ogle Snubber And Energy Dumping Apps

Meeting high-energy pulse requirements, the RC Series carbon composition axial leaded resistors are suitable for use in switchmode power supplies as well as many other snubber and energy dumping applications.   They are also viable for surge-withstanding chores in meters and data collection devices as well as a variety of lighting products. The components are available in 1/4W, 1/2W, and 1W ratings with resistance values ranging from 1? to 22 M?.   Standard tolerances are 5% and 10%.   Pricing ranges from $0.10 to just over $1 each depending on size, resistance value, tolerance, and volume. STACKPOLE ELECTRONICS INC., Raleigh, NC. (888) 734-7347.


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