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Carrier/Noise Generator Sees 66% Hike In Reliability

The UFX-EbNo series of precision Carrier/Noise (C/N) generators from Noise Com now features a swept-frequency software upgrade that boosts reliability by up to 66% when testing wireless local-area network (LAN), cable modem, satellite, and military systems. The software upgrade's novel calibration routines enable reliable and repeatable results in bit-error-rate (BER) versus C/N tests as well as in bit energy-to-noise (EbNo) density tests.

"The substantial increase in reliability provides designers with the confidence in achieving the long-term accuracy and repeatability required of communications systems," says John Kenneally, Noise Com's vice president.

The C/N generators are fully automated instruments with five operating modes: C/N, EbNo, carrier-to-noise (C/No) density, carrier-to-interferer (C/I), and noise generator. They operate from 5 MHz to 44 GHz. The software upgrade, priced at $5000, is available now.

Noise Com
(201) 261-8797

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