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Cell Phone Charging Standard Can Decrease Costs and Environmental Impact

The second meeting of the Alliance for Universal Power Supplies (AUPS) will feature a presentation on the benefits of China’s cell-phone charging standard. AUPS is an industry standards group committed to developing an eco-friendly universal power interface for electronic products that use external power supplies.

Guili He of the China Academy of Telecommunication Research, part of the Ministry of Industry and Information, will describe his country’s success in implementing a charging standard aimed at protecting the environment, saving resources and energy, and reducing costs. Other presentations will address the environmental issues surrounding the disposal of millions of power supplies and the standards efforts in Japan.

Over just the last ten years, the consumer electronics industry has developed and sold billions of devices that require ac-dc power supplies. And because every electronic product has a unique voltage and current requirement, many incompatible power supplies must be designed, produced, packaged, shipped and discarded unnecessarily. A univeral and reusable power supply allows consumers to enjoy the convenience of powering any product with any power supply and reduces the amount of solid waste.

The presentations will take place on June 13 at the PG&E Auditorium in San Francisco.


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