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Compact Actuator Provides Precise, Proportional Control

Developed as an alternative to solenoids and similar devices, the Servocell is a compact actuator delivering proportional and precise control in a wide range of mechanical applications. It is intended for use where compactness, lightweight and low energy consumption must be combined with reliability and low EMC emissions. The device's range provides up to 4 mm of movement and direct forces up to 0.5N. This enables them to be used in everyday automation, machinery and precision handling operations. Measuring just 43 mm x 19 mm x 11 mm, each unit contains all the necessary drive electronics for installation and operation. A choice of 230 vac, 50 vac, 12 vdc or 2 vdc power supplies is available providing binary, stepped or proportional control. More than 100 million cycles are possible.

Company: PBT LTD.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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