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Compact DAC Keeps Noise Low

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Guaranteed to be 16-bit monotonic over temperature, the LT1650 is a 16-bit, voltage-output d/a converter featuring low noise and low power as well as a deglitched rail-to-rail voltage output buffer that is said to minimize midscale glitch impulses. The device also features a 4-µs settling time and a narrow 16-pin surface-mount package with serial input, making it well-suited for precision applications such as industrial process control and waveform generation. The device can sink or source 5 mA and drive into heavy capacitive loads, eliminating the need for an external op amp, and can be configured for unipolar or bipolar output swing. Four-quadrant multiplying capability allows a dynamic reference input to be multiplied by the digital input. For applications requiring compactness, the device's low glitch energy eliminates the need for additional circuitry and its narrow 16-pin package includes a space-saving serial interface that uses just three I/O pins on the processor. The part includes an internal power-on reset function that sets the output to a user-defined voltage.

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