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CompactPCI Enclosures Come With Power, Backplanes

Designed for the 3U cPCI form factor, these enclosures come with power supplies, backplanes and EMI compliance. The ICP-AC/DC and ICP-DC/DC power supplies are small units that provide up to 60W of power and require no fans, operating with convection cooling only. The ICP-BPL backplanes include three- and eight-slot passive backplanes as well as an eight-slot configuration that supports 64-bit transfers. The ICP-HOUS series of EMI-compliant enclosures come in desktop and industrial configurations, ranging in size from 30 to 84 TE. The firm’s entire family of 3U cPCI products is well-suited for embedded computing uses in industrial automation and control, robotics, environmental control, energy management, telecomm, and traffic and transportation.

TAGS: Robotics
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