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Cooling Fans Seek Networking Duties

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Networking and communication equipment in need of powerful yet quiet cooling solutions will be well served by the Typhoon Series of fans, the newest addition to the firm’s ELINA fan family. Available in 40 mm x 12 mm and 40 mm x 20 mm, 5V, 12V or 24V, the fans generate up to 50% more airflow than regular models, it’s claimed, while keeping noise at the same level.With the rounded, forward inclined fan blades, more energy is transformed into airflow instead of noise for efficient cooling. Customization of the fans is possible. Non-standard airflow can reach up to 10 and 12 CFM for the HDF4012 and HDF 4020, respectively. The combination of high airflow, low noise, and long life makes the series of fans an attractive option for users of networking and communication equipment.

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