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CPU Supervisors Boast Of High Energy Efficiency

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Employing a new design for the bandgap reference that slashes current consumption by about one-fourth that of standard bandgap products, the DS1814 and DS1819 MicroMonitors claim to be the most energy-efficient, full-function CPU supervisors available today. Housed in a SOT-23-5 package, the tiny ICs dissipate only 15 µA of quiescent current. The DS1814 is used to monitor 5V supplies with options for 5% and 10% tolerances, while the DS1819 is used to monitor 3.3V supplies with options for 5%, 10% or 20% tolerances. Both have a precision temperature-compensated reference, comparator, oscillator, and clock chain. CPU supervisors are designed to automatically stop, start, or hold up the CPU in response to power changes, external overrides, and software execution status. They are suited for use in vending machines, routers, printers, small battery-powered products, and more.

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