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DACs & ADCs Comprise Communication Design Family

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Within the CommLink portfolio of products are DACs, ADCs and programmable digital-radio ICs for the expanding communication market. On the DAC side, there are high-speed, pin-compatible devices with various resolutions. Included are the HI5960 (14-bit single), HI5860 (12-bit single), HI5828 (12-bit dual), HI5660 (8-bit single), and HI5628/6 (8-bit dual). All are suited for the transmitter section of communication systems. The HI5660 and HI5628/6 8-bit devices rely on a segmented architecture to produce low glitch energy and excellent frequency-domain performance. Both suit uses such as wireless local loops and I&Q modems. They feature wide spurious-free dynamic range of 70 dBc at 60 Ms/s. The latter device's dual design also optimizes gain matching.

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