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Data Acquisition Modules Aid Analog Measurements

Up to 28 high-speed data acquisition channels in the MAQbox3000/5000/8000 multi-channel data acquisition systems can measure and analyze many different analog signals in high-energy physics, hydrodynamics and other applications. The systems provide essential oscilloscope capabilities in modular packages without the need for extensive software development. The systems can accommodate multiple digitizers, including 8-, 10- and 12-bit units and feature a scope-like graphical user interface. The systems’ modularity allows users to select only the hardware components for a specific application, and expand to a larger system as needs grow. The systems are based on a client-server topology through the MAQbox software to permit easy remote control of the system from a laptop via a simple crossover connection or LAN connection. Signals can be acquired in the field, stored in a laptop or the MAQbox hard drive and accessed later for analysis. Pricing for an 8-channel system starts at $23,470. ACQIRIS USA., Monroe, NY. (877) 227-4747.


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