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Digital VOM Extends Range To 600V

With voltage ranges extended to 600V, the VisualEYEzer heads-up DMM features newly-designed test probe tips containing a high-energy, 1A @ 600V BBS fuse. If a circuit malfunctions, the fuse will blow, preventing damaging signals from going any further than the probes. The device also features a more rugged eyepiece with a 20% larger viewing surface area. An adjustable friction hinge keeps the eyepiece in place. An adjustment arm has also been added for positioning the eyepiece, keeping it free of fingerprints. Two different eyepieces are available, one for indoor use and one for use in bright lighting. The eyepieces can be changed in less than 30 seconds. Two multifunction pushbuttons, which keep users in control, are positioned at the user's forefingers on the fuse test probes.

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