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Direct Strike Lightning Arrestor Handles High Energy Currents

High energy current handling is combined with low-voltage protection level in the FLASHTRAB Plus Control lightning arrestor to provide superior longevity and robustness. The device effectively shuns 50 kA of surge current as tested to the long duration IEC 61312 10 x 350 µs lightning test waveform. The surge current is dissipated while holding the residual voltage below 900V. The lower the ignition voltage, the device utilizes a trigger circuit that is designed for a “turn-on” voltage of 900V. The control circuit monitors the voltage across the arrestor. If a surge exceeding 900V is detected, a gas-filled spark gap ignites, causing a steep rise of current on the primary side of the ignition control circuit transformer. This steep rise in current on the primary side of the ignition transformer creates an ignition voltage spark between the third electrode and one of the main electrodes. Available in a DIN-rail mount package suited for wireless communication OEMs or in a NEMA 4 enclosure for indoor or outdoor service entrance protection.

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