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Double Reflection LEDs Twice As Bright with Less Power

Designed to meet the increasing demand for more cost-effective lighting, a new series of LEDs utilize proprietary optical technology to deliver, it is claimed, at least twice the brightness of conventional bullet-type LEDs while lowering power consumption and energy costs. A double reflector (DR) in these LEDs directs all light forward in a consistent, intense light beam. According to the company, 20 of the DR LEDs can deliver as much light as 40 conventional LEDs in applications such as high-mounted automobile brake lights. Similar results are achieved with solar-powered roadway centerline lighting, perimeter guardrail lighting, commercial exit marking and battery backup lighting. The reflective surface within the DR LED can also be designed asymmetrically, to reflect the light in a direction other than straight ahead. As a result, by focusing beams into a concentrated beam of light, the company claims a traffic signal can deliver as much brightness as 300 conventional bullet LEDs while using only 100 of the DR LEDs. Applications include automotive, traffic signals, perimeter lighting and commercial lighting. OMRON ELECTRONICS LLC, Shaumburg, IL. (800) 556-6766.


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