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Dual Slant 90° Sector Antenna Handles WiMAX Apps

Dual Slant 90° Sector Antenna Handles WiMAX Apps

The SJS515090-16 dual slant 90° sector antenna is designed for WiMAX/broadband wireless applications. It operates in the 5.15 to 5.85 GHz band with 15.75 dBi to 16.25 dBi of gain and a peak gain of 16.75 dBi with +45° and -45° polarization. Extremely low-side lobes and null fill below the horizon results in uniform energy distribution within the coverage area. With rugged carrier class construction, two Type N-f connectors at the bottom are provided for easy installation. LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES, St. Louis, MO. (847) 839-6907.

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