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Energy-Harvesting Demo Kit Enlists Low-Power MCU

Demonstrating the advantages of energy harvesting and RF technology for wireless sensing, monitoring, or ambient intelligence, AdaptivEnergy’s demonstration kit using a Joule-Thief energy-harvesting device exploits a Texas Instruments ultra-low power MSP430 MCU and RF technology to collect data, control the operation of a system, and send the resulting data. The Joule-Thief device relies on the company’s Ruggedized Laminated Piezo (RLP) technology, which enables compact energy harvesting modules to power applications such as wireless sensors. Unlike existing approaches, Joule-Thief technology promises to make remote structural and safety monitoring a straightforward and relatively inexpensive process. The stressed-biased RLP energy harvesting beam converts vibrations or movement into usable electric energy and reportedly allows the application of as much as 10 times more strain to the piezoceramic than comparable piezoelectric energy harvesting devices. In addition to directly sensing movement, the design accepts inputs from external sensing elements that can help detect strain in bridges and high-rise buildings, equipment fatigue in factories, excessive temperatures, the presence of dangerous chemicals, unsafe events in automobiles, and a variety of other environmental conditions. The Joule-Thief Energy Harvesting demonstration kit includes a RLP Smart Energy Beam along with collection and storage electronics in a matchbox-size package. Price is $699. ADAPTIVENERGY, Hampton, VA. (757) 320-1525.


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