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Energy Harvesting Kit Enlists Low Power MCUs

Energy Harvesting Kit Enlists Low Power MCUs

Allowing users to build and test solar energy harvesting apps without designing any hardware, Microchip Technology partners with Cymbet to provide the XLP 16-bit energy harvesting development kit that includes a modular development board supporting the PIC24F16KA102 microcontroller with eXtreme Low Power technology. The kit features the capability to add PICtail daughter boards for evaluating of a variety of system functions including ZigBee, proprietary wireless connectivity, and SD cards. The PIC MCU’s low-power technology allows the longest possible operation from the Cymbet EnerChip EH Eval-08 board, which harvests solar energy stored in the EnerChip device. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Chandler, AZ. (888) 628-6247.


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