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Energy Harvesting Modules Bolster Bluetooth Networks

Making alternative power sources more practical for standard and low-voltage wireless applications, the company's energy harvesting modules—the ALD EH301 EPAD devices—deliver alternative power sources to Bluetooth and other wireless circuits operating in the 3V to 5V range for intermittent-duty-cycle operations. The modules accept energy from an assortment of available waste energy sources that operate from vibration, light, chemical reaction, fluid and airflow, and environmental heat. They store this energy and are completely self-powered, always in the active mode, and always ready to harvest energy. Relying on the company’s patented EPAD technology, the modules begin operating from 0V and operate at zero power, ensuring little energy is squandered on the module’s own operation. The EH301 has a useful output of 8.3 mJ and an output on-time rating of 80 ms at 25 mA. The EH301A has a useful energy output of 55mJ and an output on-time rating of 88 ms at 150 mA. Pricing starts at $36.54 each/1,000. ADVANCED LINEAR DEVICES INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 747-1155.


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