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Energy/Digital Converters Target Power Meters

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Designed for use in home appliances, industrial equipment, and by manufacturers migrating from electro-mechanical to digital electronic power meters, the CS5460A, CS5451 and CS5471 energy-to-digital converters use the company's analog front-end (AFE) technology. This technology allows the chips to detect power surges and other irregular power fluctuations before breakdowns occur, and communicate via a built-in serial interface to alert and dispatch repair technicians.
The CS5460A is a pin-to-pin compatible, enhanced version of the CS5460. The enhanced device can operate in standalone mode, without a microcontroller, and can be calibrated by reading information from an external memory to maintain an accuracy of 0.1%.
The CS5451 is a six-channel A/D converter specifically designed for industrial energy markets, where three-phase power is widely used. The device features a serial interface for communication with a microcontroller and is initialized and fully functional upon reset. The device also includes an on-chip voltage reference. The CS5471 is a two-channel version of the CS5451, designed for single-phase energy measurement applications.

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