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Environmentally Friendly Capacitor Suits Handhelds

This double layer capacitor will allow new portable and hand-held electronic products to become smaller, lighter, more efficient and less expensive to operate, claims the company. The 2.3V ultracapacitors span a 10 to 3,500 farad capacitance range. Applications include mobile electronics in which power, size and cost are at a premium. The ultracapacitor's high energy density is made possible by its proprietary electrode, and its specially-developed electrode manufacturing process results in a higher capacitance and significantly lower equivalent series resistance than other ultracapacitors. The 2,500 farad, 2.3V ultracap exhibits energy densities of 2.83 Wh/kg and 3.74 Wh/I and power densities of 5.1 kW/kg and 6.7 kW/I with an almost unlimited number of charges and discharges: more than 100,000 cycles. The ultracapacitor charges and discharges quickly, more than 100 times faster than batteries. Described as being environmentally friendly, the ultracapacitor employs an activated carbon power in the electrode coating process, making for easy manipulation of the thickness and width of the coated layer. This manufacturing technique permits the production of electrodes of varying shapes and capacitance at lower cost. Price is $5 each/100 for a capacitance value of 10 farads; $15 for 60 farads; $230 for 2,500 farads.

Company: NESS CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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