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FETs Employ A Submicron Process

These N-channel, medium-voltage, power MOSFETs are made using submicron processing technology, enabling energy savings via low, on-state resistance and high-speed performance. Two devices in the family feature a gate-threshold voltage of ±0.5V, which is said to be half the value offered by existing MOSFETs. The FS5KM-10A offers a voltage rating of 500V, a drain current of 5A, and an on-state resistance of 1.2 ohms. The FS2KM-12A provides a voltage rating of 600V, a drain current of 2A, and an on-state resistance of 5 ohms. Both devices come in a TO-22FN package. Typical sample prices are $2.38 each for the FS5KM-10A and $1.91 each for the FS2KM-12A.


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