Field Stop IGBTs Suit High-Power Inductive Heating, Inverter Apps

PCIM 2012 Nuremberg, Germany: Increasing energy prices and environmental concerns relating to carbon emissions continuously drive demand for higher-performance power discrete components. Targeting those issues, ON Semiconductor unveiled a series of Field Stop IGBTs at PCIM 2012 that provide a solution for high-power inductive heating and inverter applications.

The NGTB15N120, NGTB20N120, and NGTB25N120 1200V IGBTs use deep trench technology and state-of-the-art wafer thinning and processing techniques. These processes enable very low turn-off losses while maintaining a low “ON” state voltage during turn-on, resulting in lower switching and conduction losses.

Current-rating options include 15A, 20A, and 25A. The devices are co-packaged with a very low forward drop and soft-recovery fast rectifier to meet efficiency demands while providing a space-saving solution.

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