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Flat-Faced Monitor's Size Extended To 21"

Developed to meet the needs of imaging, CAD/CAM and business professionals, the CM823F flat-faced monitor extends the company's ErgoFlat line of Invar Shadow Mask monitors to 21". The new monitor also extends ErgoFlat resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 at a flicker-free 75-Hz for users who require extended viewing and high resolutions. The flat-faced monitor delivers a super-fine dot pitch of 0.21 to 0.24 mm horizontal and 0.14 mm vertical. And because of the company's new Invar Shadow Mask, the monitor does not face the heat expansion and doming problems that degrade aperture grill images, it's claimed. The monitor also employs the firm's EasyMenu on-screen controls for adjusting color temperature, trapezoid, DMS, pincushion, and more. The CM823F monitor reportedly reduces energy consumption by up to 20% over traditional 21" monitors and requires no added circuitry to achieve TCO 99 compliance. Price: $999.

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