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Fuel Cells Promise To Power Future Battlefield Weapons

Fuel cells could replace the batteries and diesel generators the American military now uses to power its battlefield equipment, according to "Military Fuel Cell Markets: Market Potential in a New Era of Military Applications," a study from technology research firm ABI.

The firm says that fuel cells could support the U.S. military in years to come. Yet their potential in military applications will have to be analyzed from different angles, as several different fuel cell technologies are being considered for military markets.

"Improving reliability of the total fuel cell package under extreme conditions is still a top priority for fuel cell developers," notes Atakan Ozbek, ABI's director of energy research.

Fuel cells have an opportunity to address some of the logistical difficulties associated with existing power sources. For example, the U.S. military's airborne infantry units had to carry 22 different types of batteries onto the battlefield in Iraq.

The ABI study tracks current fuel cell technologies and analyzes the potential benefits of using them in military applications. It defines and projects growth for various market segments, including stationary, automotive, and portable applications. Major regulatory and business issues are discussed as well.

ABI Research
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