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Glass And Surface Spray Coating Keeps Things Cool And Warm

Sometimes in the backdrop of those scurrying to replace power sources with more environmentally-friendly alternatives, swapping incandescent light bulbs for LED and CFL components, and replacing doors and windows comes a simple solution. Such is the case with Spray-IT, described as the first eco-friendly, thermal spray coating. 

A product from the folks at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Spray-IT applies easily to windows or tile surfaces via an inexpensive high-pressure spray mechanism to block ultraviolet rays and the heat associated with them. 

Reported as costing one-tenth that of traditional coatings, Spray-IT is a formidable contender entering the 2012 market for heat-reflective window glass, a market estimated to hit $75 billion. Spray-IT is also set to receive the 2011 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award.  

Applied to window glass or external tiles, the spray’s green thermal insulation coating can significantly reduce energy bills. It employs highly unique materials to achieve low-cost, high-insulation performance and an optical system design that provides an inexpensive lithium-fluorine co-doped tin oxide coating material called LiFTO that forms an insulation layer. LiFTO coating applies easily indoors or in open-air conditions. In essence, ITRI’s Spray-IT works under the same principle as other coating technologies, except it is the only one available in an easy-to-apply spray form. For more details, call ITRI at 1-408-428-9988 or e-mail info requests to [email protected].

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