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High Capacity Lithium Batteries Sport A Slim Physique

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The Advanced Lithium Battery (ALB) line was developed to meet the growing demand for smaller, lighter and high capacity rechargeable batteries. The rugged battery's aluminum laminated film casing is said to make it one of the most advanced batteries available. With their laminated film enclosures, sophisticated wound electrode structures and specially designed electrolytes, the battery's safety also is increased. In addition, ALBs do not use metallic lithium, allowing for safe charging and discharging, even under extreme conditions. They have a high volumetric energy density of greater than 366 Wh/L and a gravimetric energy greater than 172 Wh/Kg. The operating temperature of the batteries ranges from -20°C to 60°C, with temperature storage up to 90°C. The cells also maintain up to 40% of their initial capacity at -20°C.

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