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High Power In Small Package: VRLA Battery Brings 165 Ah

Thanks to grid and plate optimization, the 12V165F front-terminal valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery offers an increased capacity to 165 Ah. This unit provides more power in the same standard footprint as the previous 12V155AH model. The 12V165F battery well suits applications that require high power in a limited space, such as telecommunications, electric utility/switch gear, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and rail signal applications. The battery's compact design and standard footprint make it a good fit for 23-in. racks and will increase energy density. The use of gas recombination technology reduces storage requirements and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for regular watering intervals. This technology also produces a minimal level of gas evolution in the battery, so it can be safely installed in cabinets or on stands. The 12V165F has a capacity of 165 Ah at the eight-hour rate of 1.75 Vpc at 20°C. Pricing starts at $460.

EnerSys Inc.
www.enersysinc.com; (800) 538-3627

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