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HP Signs Renewable Energy Contracts

HP has signed contracts with SunPower Corp. and Airtricity to increase its use of renewable energy at its San Diego and Ireland facilities. In San Diego, HP will install its first large-scale solar power installation under a power purchase agreement with SunPower. In Ireland, Airtricity will ensure that 90 percent of HP's energy usage comes from renewable sources. "Switching to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power makes both environmental and business sense," Pat Tiernan, vice president of social and environmental responsibility at HP, said in a statement. "These advances are just part of HP’s comprehensive energy-efficiency program." The 1-megawatt solar electric power system at the San Diego facility will be financed by a third party and HP will purchase the generated power through SunPower's Access program. The project, which is expected to provide about 10 percent of HP's energy use, will reduce the company's energy costs by about $750,000 over the next 15 years. Also, HP's carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by over 1 million pounds per year, according to a company release. For its Ireland facilities, HP will purchase 80 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy from Airtricity, which is generated by both onshore and offshore wind farms. The agreement is estimated to reduce HP's energy costs by $40,000 next year and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 40,000 tons.

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