Electronic Design

IC Sensors Embrace DECT ULE Wireless Standard

SmartPulse embarks as the world’s first family of IC based devices interoperable with the DECT ULE (ultra low energy) wireless standard. Groomed for home automation, healthcare, security, and energy monitoring consumer applications, products integrating SmartPulse wireless sensors self configure to connect with a home’s DECT ULE enabled hub device or IP gateway. The SmartPulse suite consists of the SC14WSMDATA (data) and SC14WSMDECT (data and audio) wireless sensor nodes, which run for up to 10 years on a single AAA battery pack, and the SC14CVMDECT base station device that integrate into standalone hub products or internet gateways, allowing the remote management of SmartPulse enabled systems over an internet connection. All SmartPulse devices transmit 232-bit packet data in the 1870-1930MHz licensed DECT band. DIALOG SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Irvine, CA. (949) 623-8301.

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