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ICCAD’s Technical Program: A Little Old And A Lot New

Hot topics such as power, design variability, and system design will share the stage with emerging post-CMOS technologies such as carbon nanotubes, molecular transistors, and DNA-based computing at this year’s International Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD). The conference will be held November 5-9 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, Calif.

Other emerging technologies featured in the program include: spin-based and single-electron devices, electrochemical components, MEMS, and the integration of sensor systems and biochips.

ICCAD 2006 will also feature a keynote address by Phil Hester, AMD’s chief technology officer, entitled “An Industry in Transition: Opportunities and Challenges in Next-Generation Microprocessor Design.” Another keynoter, Leon Stok, Director of EDA at IBM, will tackle the topic of “Innovation in Electronic Design Automation.”

The technical program, which runs from Monday to Wednesday, includes 130 papers selected by the ICCAD Program Committee. The program begins on Sunday, November 5, with a workshop on the convergence between technology and design and concludes on Thursday, November 9, with six half-day tutorials. Two panels and seven embedded tutorials are also featured.

A system design issues theme runs the entire length of the conference including issues such as system power and performance optimization, architecture-level thermal and variability issues, and energy minimization in real-time embedded systems, as well as two embedded tutorials, “Challenges in Designing and Mapping Algorithms to Multi-Core Systems,” and “The Use of UML Vs.SystemC in the Design of Systems.”

A classic at ICCAD will continue this year with physical design sessions on placement, routing and interconnect. Also, two embedded tutorials will focus on the impact of new materials used in CMOS technology, and the consequences of rising DRC-rule complexity. The latest results in related fields, such as test and analog CAD, will be presented, including an embedded tutorial on the challenges facing mixed-signal design.

Continued from last year is Wednesday’s full-day track focused on design and applications in emerging nano technologies beyond CMOS. This “nano day” program has two embedded tutorials from experts in the field, and two regular paper sessions.

Full program information will be available at the ICCAD web site (http://www.iccad.com) beginning August 25, 2006. Advance registration will open at that time.

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