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Ice Sensor Includes Real-Time Defrost Capability

The Ice*Meister Model 9734-HTR self-defrosting industrial ice-detecting sensor system allows any controlling host to respond to the earliest formation of ice and take remedial action in real time. Ice sensitivity is adjustable to less than 0.001 in. Pulsing 1.2 A at 24 V dc, the 9734-HTR’s radiant heater heats the sensor probe and melts the ice. Gravity removes the melted ice. The system is well-suited for many types of remote, inaccessible, unmanned facilities, such as webcams, walkways, radio towers, oil wells, weather stations, power stations, telescopes, bridges, and blimps. The resistance heater and a thermal switch are affixed to each heater panel inside the solid sensor head. An insulating epoxy potting compound ensures maximum radiant heat. The temperature of the ice-melting aluminum heater panels is limited to 50°C for safety. Users can set the heater control for least ice threshold or least energy consumption. The Model 9734-HTR, including a DIN rail option, costs $2995. Delivery is in four to six weeks. NEW AVIONICS CORP., Fort Lauderdale, FL. (954) 568-1991.


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